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Derek McGrath

Ημ. γέννησης: 04/06/1951

Τόπος γέννησης: Porcupine, Ontario, Canada

Βαθμολογία: 6/10


Derek McGrath, 73 ετών, γεννήθηκε στις 04/06/1951 στο Porcupine, Ontario, Canada. Έχει συμμετάσχει ως ηθοποιός σε παραγωγές όπως το The Marijuana Conspiracy (2020) ως John Bradow, το The Mist (TV series) ως Benedict Raven, το Northpole: Open for Christmas (2015) ως Peter Elfman, το Gridlocked (2015) ως Booking Officer & το Charlie Bartlett (2007) ως Superintendent Sedgwick. Γνωστοί συνεργάτες του υπήρξαν οι ηθοποιοί Dan Lett, Barry Flatman, David Sparrow, Earl Boen, Ron Lea, Peter Keleghan & Jayne Eastwood.

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Παραγωγές ως ηθοποιός:

The Marijuana Conspiracy (2020) as John Bradow

The Mist (TV series) as Benedict Raven

Gridlocked (2015) as Booking Officer

Northpole: Open for Christmas (2015) as Peter Elfman

Good Witch (2015) as Vice Principal

Inspector Gadget (2015) as Chief Quimby

Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood (2014) as Mr. McFeely

Carrie (2013) as Head Commissioner

Lost Girl (TV series) as Dr. Palmer

Fir Crazy (2013) as Hank

Alice (2013) as Smoking Man

Christmas with Tucker (2013) as Hank

The Wall (2012) as Vice Principal

Little Mosque on the Prairie (2011) as Reverend Duncan Magee

Dan for Mayor (2011) as Pork Council Chairman

She's the Mayor (2011) as Frank Crumb

Justin Time (2011) as Grampa

Christmas Magic (2011) as Henry

You Lucky Dog (2010) as Bus Driver

Planting Season (2010) as The Man

Fairfield Road (2010) as Sam Peabody

Bob & Doug (2009) as Mayor Melvin

Zombie Dearest (2009) as Uncle Pete

Daniel's Daughter (2008) as Jim Cavanaugh

Full of It (2007) as Principal Hayes

Charlie Bartlett (2007) as Superintendent Sedgwick

Iggy Arbuckle (2007) as Spiff 2007

Wide Awake (2007) as Dr. Matt Einen

1-800-Missing (2006) as Mr. Fowler

This Is Wonderland (2006) as Charlie Ross

Grossology (2006) as Mr. Fowler

Aladdin: The Magical Family Musical (2006) as Widow Bender

Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye (2005) as Charlie Ross

Doc (2004) as Dr. Derek Hebert

The Hungry Squid (2003) as Narrator

Whitewash: The Clarence Brandley Story (2002) as Icky Peace

Earth: Final Conflict (TV series) as Pax

Mentors (2001) as Gregor Mendel

The Industry (2001) as Pax

The Safety of Objects (2001) as Mr. Peabody

Walker, Texas Ranger (2000) as Reporter / Harris

Star Trek: Voyager (2000) as Crewman Chell

Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force (2000) as Crewman Chell

The Huntress (2000) as Driver

Nice Guys Sleep Alone (1999) as Eddie

Bloodsport: The Dark Kumite (1999) as Warden Preston

Inherit the Wind (1999) as Radio Technician

Family Matters (1998) as Conductor / Pat

Stuart Bliss (1998) as Mover

Ellen (1997) as Stanley Peck

In the House (1997) as Bernie

The Client (1996) as Arnie

The Red Green Show (1995) as Garth Harble

Chameleon (1995) as Morris Steinfeld

The Enforcer (1995) as Secretary Culkin

Hologram Man (1995) as Secretary Culkin

Fist of Legend (1994) as Garth Harble

Golden Gate (1994) as Otto Munson

Street Legal (1993) as Frank McCrindle / Terry Silver

Against the Grain (1993) as Abel

The Legend (1993) as Worm

The Legend II (1993) as Abel

Freaked (1993) as Worm

Cheers (1992) as Andy Schroeder

The Golden Girls (1992) as Coordinator

Roc (1992) as Ian

Empty Nest (1991) as Dr. Yardley

My Secret Identity (1991) as Dr. Benjamin Jeffcoate

E.N.G. (1991) as Joel MacFarlane

She's Out of Control (1989) as Jeff Robbins

Dallas (1988) as Oswald Valentine

Who's the Boss? (1988) as Tony Petardi

Married with Children (TV series) as Buck - Dream Sequence

Take Five (1987) as Al

Police Academy 4: Citizens on Patrol (1987) as Butterworth

Newhart (1986) as Cousin Eugene Wiley / Waiter #1

Mary (1986) as Ronnie

The Last Precinct (1986) as Cousin Eugene Wiley / Waiter #1

Heathcliff: The Movie (1986) as Cousin Eugene Wiley / Waiter #1

Hangin' In (1986) as Hudson / Bucky

Growing Pains (1985) as Encyclopedia Salesman

Comedy Factory (1985) as Repair Man

The Romance of Betty Boop (1985) as Waldo Van Lavish

The Cracker Brothers (1985) as Derek Cracker

Pole Position (1984) as Waldo Van Lavish

Shaping Up (1984) as Wayne Lewis

Draw! (1984) as Reggie Bell

That's My Baby! (1984) as Bill

Heathcliff & the Catillac Cats (1984) as Knuckles

At Your Service (1984) as Jerry Bianco

The Funny Farm (1983) as Harvey

After MASH (1983) as Dave Glass

Mr. Mom (1983) as Exec. #1

The Toast of Manhattan (1982) as Harvey

Nothing Personal (1980) as Gas Jockey

Take Me Up to the Ball Game (1980) as Harvey

Intergalactic Thanksgiving or Please Don't Eat the Planet (1979) as Prince Notfunnyenuf

King of Kensington (1978) as Bobby

Mathmakers (1978) as Cal Harrison

Custard Pie (1977) as Harvey Douglas

The Last Detail (1973) as Nichiren Shoshu Member