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Paul Calderon

Ημ. γέννησης: 29/05/2015

Τόπος γέννησης: Puerto Rico

Βαθμολογία: 5.8/10


Paul Calderon, 8 ετών, γεννήθηκε στις 29/05/2015 στο Puerto Rico. Πήρε μέρος στη δημιουργία του σεναρίου σε παραγωγές όπως το The Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans (2009). Έχει συμμετάσχει ως ηθοποιός σε παραγωγές όπως το Justified: City Primeval (TV series) ως Raymond Cruz, το Welcome to New York (2014) ως Pierre, το Hostages (TV series) ως Stan Hoffman, το Why Stop Now (2012) ως Eduardo & το Gun (2010) ως Detective Jenkins. Γνωστοί συνεργάτες του υπήρξαν ο σκηνοθέτης Jeffrey Nachmanoff, οι σεναριογράφοι Abel Ferrara, Elmore Leonard, Jeffrey Nachmanoff και οι ηθοποιοί Val Kilmer, Vondie Curtis-Hall & Jesse Eisenberg.

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Παραγωγές ως σεναριογράφος:

The Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans (2009)

Παραγωγές ως ηθοποιός:

Justified: City Primeval (TV series) as Raymond Cruz

Expedicion Gloriosa (2015) as Merardo German

Welcome to New York (2014) as Pierre

Boardwalk Empire (TV series) as Arquimedes

West End (2014) as Robert Mackey

Water with Lemon (2014) as Pops

Second Act (2014) as Soram

The Strike (2014) as Walt Whitman

Hostages (TV series) as Stan Hoffman

Bolaetrapo (2013) as Bill

Biodegradable (2013) as Profesor Lopez

Why Stop Now (2012) as Eduardo

Blue Bloods (TV series) as Lieutenant Perez

Lights Out (TV series) as Lester

Gun (2010) as Detective Jenkins

How to Make It in America (TV series) as Miami Joe

Law & Order: Criminal Intent (2010) as Jojo Rios

Grand Slammed (2010) as Bobby

Two Birds (2010) as Randall

Burning Daylight (2010) as Hughie Luke

Down This Road (2010) as Father

Raju (2010) as Carlos

Lie to Me (TV series) as Manny Trillo

A Kiss of Chaos (2009) as Oscar Perez

The Hungry Ghosts (2009) as Carl

La soga (2009) as Rafa

Makes the Whole World Kin (2009) as The Old Man

Pistol Whipped (2008) as Blue

The Black Donnellys (TV series) as Detective at prison

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (TV series) as Assemblyman Eric Molina

The Sentinel (2006) as Deputy Director Cortes

Law & Order: Trial by Jury (2005) as Detective

Law & Order (2004) as Kenneth Silva / Palmieri / Jesse Castillo / ...

Suburban Madness (2004) as Derek Basha

Indocumentados (2004) as Rastafarian Man

21 Grams (2003) as Brown

Kill the Poor (2003) as Carlos

The Education of Max Bickford (2002) as Danny Martinez

Third Watch (2001) as Mr. Caffey

3 A.M. (2001) as Ralph

The Atlantis Conspiracy (2001) as Guy

The Last Castle (2001) as Dellwo

Once in the Life (2000) as Manny Rivera

Girlfight (2000) as Sandro Guzman

Bait (2000) as Officer

Oxygen (1999) as Jesse

Montana (1998) as Boulez

Out of Sight (1998) as Raymond Cruz

One Tough Cop (1998) as Sgt. Diaz

O.K. Garage (1998) as Carl

Dellaventura (1997) as Detective Rosario

Cop Land (1997) as Hector - Medic

New York Undercover (1996) as Arnell Flores

Dark Angel (1996) as Vance Pickett

The Wright Verdicts (1995) as Det. Badillo

The Addiction (1995) as Professor

Clockers (1995) as Jesus at Hambones

Condition Red (1995) as Angel Delgado

Four Rooms (1995) as Norman

Kiss of Death (1995) as Undercover FBI Agent

Lotto Land (1995) as Reinaldo

Sweet Nothing (1995) as Ray

Hand Gun (1994) as Landwick

Pulp Fiction (1994) as Paul / English Bob

The Firm (1993) as Thomas Richie

The Keys (1992) as Garcia

Bad Lieutenant (1992) as Cop #1

CrissCross (1992) as Blacky

King of New York (1990) as Joey Dalesio

The Old Man and the Sea (1990) as Anderez

Q & A (1990) as Roger Montalvo

Dream Street (1989) as Ruben Fundora

Penn & Teller Get Killed (1989) as Juan

Sea of Love (1989) as Serafino

Doubletake (1988) as Bitong

Knightwatch (1988) as Ruben Fundora

Sticky Fingers (1988) as Speed

The Chair (1988) as Pizza

Miami Vice (TV series) as Don Gallego / Gabriel / Nicky

The Equalizer (1987) as Chacon / Rat Heart

Spenser: For Hire (1987) as Lunza

Michael Jackson: Bad (1987) as Dealer

Band of the Hand (1986) as Tito

Rockabye (1986) as Street Vendor

As the World Turns (1985) as Montegan

Tenement (1985) as Hector

One Life to Live (1968) as Agent Del Delgado