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Monster-in-Law (2005)

Monster-in-Law (2005)

Βαθμολογία: 5.5/10 (64237)

Είδος ταινίας: Comedy | Romance

Σκηνοθεσία: Robert Luketic

Σενάριο: Anya Kochoff

Ηθοποιοί: Jennifer Lopez, Jane Fonda, Michael Vartan, Wanda Sykes

Πρεμιέρα (US): 13/05/05

Πρεμιέρα (GR): 13/05/05

Χώρα παραγωγής: Germany | United States


The love life of Charlotte is reduced to an endless string of disastrous blind dates, until she meets the perfect man, Kevin. Unfortunately, his merciless mother will do anything to destroy their relationship.After years of looking for Mr. Right, Charlotte 'Charlie' Cantilini finally finds the man of her dreams, Kevin Fields, only to discover that his mother, Viola, is the woman of her nightmares. A recently fired news anchor who is afraid she will lose her son the way she has just lost her career, Viola determines to scare off her son's new fiance by becoming the world's worst mother-in-law. While Viola's long-time assistant Ruby does her best to help Viola execute her crazy schemes, Charlie decides to fight back and the gloves come off as the two women battle it out to see just who is the alpha-female. - Sujit R. VarmaWhen the versatile and simple Charlotte meets the surgeon Kevin, she finds her Prince Charming. Meanwhile, his obsessive mother and famous anchor Viola is replaced on her TV talk show and has a nervous breakdown. When she leaves the clinic, Kevin schedules a visit with Charlie to her mansion and unexpectedly proposes to Charlie. Viola decides to plot a despicable plan to make Charlie crazy and call off their wedding. When Charlie discloses the scheme of her future mother-in-law, she pays her back for her malice. - Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, BrazilA doting, overly-possessive mother fresh from a mental breakdown after she was replaced on her TV talk show re-enters her son's life just as he decides to get engaged to a free spirited, multi-talented woman who works as a dog-walker and temp at a doctor's office. Immediately seeing the woman as a threat, she puts on a good face in front of her son but immediately starts plotting against her. However, two can play that game and the war is on. In the middle of the mess is the mother's assistant, who is loyal to her boss but has been with her long enough to not take any of her guff. - John Sacksteder

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Monster-In-Law 2005 HDTV 720p x264-HDL

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