Lucky Grandma (2019)

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Είδος ταινίας: Comedy | Drama
Βαθμολογία: 6.5/10 (607)

Σκηνοθεσία: Sasie Sealy
Σενάριο: Angela Cheng , Sasie Sealy
Ηθοποιοί: Tsai Chin (as Grandma), Hsiao-Yuan Ha (as Big Pong), Michael Tow (as Little Handsome), Woody Fu (as Pock-Mark), Yan Xi (as Sister Fong)

Πρεμιέρα (US): 22/05/20
Χώρα παραγωγής: USA

Set in New York City's Chinatown, an ornery, chain-smoking Chinese grandma goes all in at the casino, landing herself on the wrong side of luck - and in the middle of a gang war.

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