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Reese Witherspoon

Ημ. γέννησης: 22/03/1976

Τόπος γέννησης: New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

Ύψος: 156m

Βαθμολογία: 6.6/10


Η Reese Witherspoon, 45 ετών, γεννήθηκε στις 22/03/1976 στο New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. Έχει συμμετάσχει ως ηθοποιός σε παραγωγές όπως το Sing 2 (2021) ως Rosita, το Friends: The Reunion (2021) ως Self, το Little Fires Everywhere (TV series) ως Elena Richardson, το The Morning Show (TV series) ως Bradley Jackson & το A Wrinkle in Time (2018) ως Mrs. Whatsit. Γνωστοί συνεργάτες της υπήρξαν οι σκηνοθέτες Jean-Marc Vallee, Lynn Shelton και οι ηθοποιοί Matthew McConaughey, Jennifer Aniston, Seth Rogen, Owen Wilson & Hugh Laurie.

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Παραγωγές ως ηθοποιός:

Friends: The Reunion (2021) as Self

Sing 2 (2021) as Rosita

Little Fires Everywhere (TV series) as Elena Richardson

The Morning Show (TV series) as Bradley Jackson

A Wrinkle in Time (2018) as Mrs. Whatsit

Home Again (2017) as Alice Kinney

Big Little Lies (TV series) as Madeline Martha Mackenzie

Sing (2016) as Rosita

Hot Pursuit (2015) as Cooper

The Good Lie (2014) as Carrie

Wild (2014) as Cheryl

Inherent Vice (2014) as Deputy D.A. Penny Kimball

Devil's Knot (2013) as Pam Hobbs

Mud (2012) as Juniper

This Means War (2012) as Lauren

Water for Elephants (2011) as Marlena

How Do You Know (2010) as Lisa

Monsters vs Aliens: Mutant Pumpkins from Oute (2009) as Susan Murphy / Ginormica

Monsters vs. Aliens (2009) as Susan Murphy / Ginormica

Monsters vs. Aliens (2009) as Susan Murphy

Four Christmases (2008) as Kate

Rendition (2007) as Isabella Fields El-Ibrahimi

Penelope (2006) as Annie

Just Like Heaven (2005) as Elizabeth

Walk the Line (2005) as June Carter

Vanity Fair (2004) as Becky Sharp

Legally Blonde 2: Red, White & Blonde (2003) as Elle Woods

Freedom: A History of Us (2003) as Sarah Raymond

The Simpsons (TV series) as Greta Wolfcastle

Sweet Home Alabama (2002) as Melanie Smooter

The Importance of Being Earnest (2002) as Cecily

The Trumpet of the Swan (2001) as Serena

Legally Blonde (2001) as Elle Woods

Friends (TV series) as Jill Green

King of the Hill (2000) as Debbie

American Psycho (2000) as Evelyn Williams

Little Nicky (2000) as Holly

Election (1999) as Tracy Flick

Best Laid Plans (1999) as Lissa

Cruel Intentions (1999) as Annette Hargrove

Overnight Delivery (1998) as Ivy Miller

Twilight (1998) as Mel Ames

Pleasantville (1998) as Jennifer

Fear (1996) as Nicole Walker

Freeway (1996) as Vanessa Lutz

S.F.W. (1994) as Wendy Pfister

Return to Lonesome Dove (1993) as Ferris Dunnigan

A Far Off Place (1993) as Nonnie Parker

Jack the Bear (1993) as Karen Morris

Desperate Choices: To Save My Child (1992) as Cassie Robbins

The Man in the Moon (1991) as Dani Trant

Wildflower (1991) as Ellie Perkins

Wish List (1990) as Director

Big Little Lies (1990) as Director